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Cassadó & Mompou – Guitar Works

2024 Naxos

When I think of this album, the first thing that comes to my mind is the significant research on sound I have carried out while studying Mompou’s and Cassadó’s works. This complex research has brought me to take my idea of sound in two different directions to express the authors’ personalities. Thus, you will hear a Cassadó characterized by exuberant, occasionally exaggerated shades – almost a musical equivalent to Gaudì’s architecture and Catalan Modernism. On the contrary, you will find a more essential Mompou, where the composure of the musical gesture guides the choice of sound: to continue the architectural analogy, we could think of a Romanesque cathedral portrayed by an Impressionist painter.

Eugenio Della Chiara - Guitar
Compositions by
Gaspar Cassadó
Frederic Mompou